What we do

We connect brands to culture.

We are a multi-platform creative and content agency specialising in fashion, outdoor and sport. With roots in fanzines and magazines, Proper was born out of a genuine passion for popular culture.

how we do it

Through creativity, content, and community.

Our journey started writing about brands we love in Proper magazine. People were into it and over time production values went up, the mag was joined by a website and social channels, and suddenly we’d built up a sizable audience that was highly receptive to our work.

We now work across multiple platforms, helping the brands we love to create bespoke content solutions and delivering them to a highly engaged and trusting audience.

Why we do it

It’s who we are, what we do and how we live.

Unlike other agencies, Proper began as a labour of love, a sentiment that still stands true today. The genuine affinity we have for the brands and retailers we work with is the reason we’re still here to this day.

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