Put Some Spring in Your Step


The brief

After a hugely successful collab for summer 2020, Yogi and Hikerdelic got their heads (or rather, their feet) together to see about producing another shoe for spring 2021. We were tasked with creating a bit of a buzz around the launch.

How we did it

We wanted to harness that feel good factor that comes with the changing of the seasons as winter finally begins to fade into the background. The weather gets warmer, the rain less frequent, and you begin to walk out with a bit of a spring in your step as everything starts looking up. 

We were gifted a long-awaited sunny day in Manchester and set out on a wander from the city centre metropolis to the airy green spaces on the periphery of town. We worked with artist and animator Jack Brown to add some literal spring to our model’s steps, threw in a groovy soundtrack, and got the word out: Yogi and Hikerdelic were back with a cool new collab, and everything was coming up roses.   

(c) Proper Group 2022